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12 Oct



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29 Sep

working in “Sacree Polonaise”

8 Jul

I spent last week working as costume designer assistant (Dorota Roqueplo) in a documental movie with elements of fiction about a great Polish scientist Maria Skłodowska-Curie “Sacree Polonaise” directed by Krzysztof Rogulski.

Costumes are from the end of the XIX and beginning of the XX century.

Some making of pictures taken by Filip Jurzyk for you.

Costumes: Dorota Roqueplo

Costume Designer Assistants: Marzena Wojciechowska i Ewelina Sas

Hair and Make up: Mira Wojtczak

working in tv series L’Alqueria Blanca…

25 Apr

It was really interesting experience working as an extras dresser and costume assistant in the 9th seson of Spanish tv series L’Alqueria Blanca. Hope You like the pictures!

Fue una experiencia muy interesante trabajar como auxiliar de vestuario en la novena temporada de la serie valenciana L’Alqueria Blanca.  Espero que os gusten las fotos.

Super doświadczenie – praca jako asystet kostiumografa w plenerze w hiszpańskim serialu L’Alqueria Blanca. Kilka zdjęć, mam nadzieję, że się wam spodobają!

imaginary portraits…

1 Mar




Lilly…no, Lucy in Disguise

23 Jan

What happens when a famous singer (Lilly Allen) well known for her vintage look and her sister (Sara Owens) who was running a vintage store for a few years, decide to do a business together?

A unique concept store full of vintage clothes of great designers is created. Who can be better on having a vintage shop than someone who from the beginning of her career is well known for vintage inspired dresses or used to run one by herself?

So, when in London, don’t forger to visit Lucy in Disguise in Covent Garden where you can rent or purchase beautiful dresses and accessories from great designers form 20’s to 90’s, be nice an cozy at blow dry bar and a vintage make- up salon or have a cocktail in the private dressing room while being attended by a stylist.

For me really great news is that this place can be a of great help for costume designers and stylist as well, especially when you really need something original form the epoch and the budget doesn’t allow you to buy all the pieces you need, witch normally happens and you don’t have enough time to run to all the second hand shops in the area to dig in dust and between racks full of things you do not need.

Let’s hope that founders of Lucy in Disguise, sisters Lilly Allen and Sara Owens, will think of a way to help costume designers in their daily battle with low budgets….

Picture:  Founders of Lucy in Disguise, sisters Lilly Allen and Sara Owens.

Web page Lucy in Disguise here.

Lucy in Disguise




TELEPHONE: 0207 2406590

1984 the year I was born winter collections “en peinture”

20 Jan

I was still a student when I was visiting Madrid for the second time, it was winter time but the day was sunny and I spent it in the park called el Retiro heaving picnic, reading and taking pictures. When I was heading to el Museo del Prado I stopped by in one of the book stands that used to be there and somewhere between old magazines and dirty newspapers I found this: LA MODE EN PEINTURE, LES COLLECTIONS HIVER 84. I found it so beautiful. Luckily for my student wallet it was cheap too, I really think they should have charged me more…

Now for you fragments of Winter Collections  from the year I was born, 1984 en peinture. For free.

All illustrations are from LA MODE EN PEINTURE, LES COLLECTIONS HIVER 84.

Layout design by Ewelina Sas

working on serial teaser….

16 Dec

Last weekend I was in charge of  costumes in serial teaser “Craks” (director  Ignacio Sanchez de Bustamante). Keep your fingers crossed , we still have a lot of work to do !

BOOKS:la publicidad vive la moda

8 Nov

This year  at Madrid Fashion Week I have found really nice book. Soon more details.

Trench Coat, a movie star.

3 Nov


This waterproof coat, typical of English gentleman, has come from the trenches to a big screen, from cinema to the streets, from men’s fashion to be one of the basics of female fashion. This beige raincoat is a real movie star that in an instant creates an unforgettable character.

Este impermeable, típico abrigo del caballero inglés, ha llegado de las trincheras al cine y del cine a las calles, de la moda masculina a ser uno de los básicos de la moda femenina. Este impermeable de color beige es una estrella de cine que en un instante crea un personaje inolvidable.

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